Sunday, January 15, 2012


Ok so when I saw this peachy fabric at the store I bought the whole lot.... that's how much I loved it!  My favourite colour is peach or pink (I know I'm such a girl lol).  I knew right away what I wanted to do with it.  This dress!

Isn't she adorable... not me, I mean the dress!

For some reason the ruffles remind me of (don't laugh) the ends of lettuce leaves.  You probably will think I'm weird now but I had to say it.  And no... I am not going to delete that last sentence! Ok so I may have ruined the image you may have of this dress, but seriously I don't think anything could.  The ruffles... Oh the ruffles are just magical and make this dress.  Especially since it's such a pretty colour :)

This week has been so busy for me... I made about 124235745672384612836 custom heart tops and I could probably do them with my eyes closed now.  I can never get enough of your custom orders though.  Each time someone orders something I think... 'Wow I love that combination', and cannot wait to see what it looks like once done. 

As you may know I have introduced a new range of heart tops... The pretty lace ones!  I will be introducing others in the coming weeks so just keep your eyes pealed.

Guess what???
It will be Valentine's day soon.  I am thinking of holding a giveaway via this blog leading up to this 'love day'.  And wouldn't it be perfect to win a heart top for Valentine's day? Make sure you add 'Justyna G' on facebook or on here so you don't miss out on any info!

Love you all xxxx

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