Thursday, March 3, 2011

Princess Doily

I must admit I do love my tea.  Recently I came about a tea that I used to absolutely die for and stock up on when I travelled down to London.  It's called Tick Tock tea. I found some sitting on top of a shelf in Coles and couldn't control my excitement! I told my sister about it. She is now more obsessed with it then I am. Sad ending to this story actually... I has been discontinued at Coles :(  But enough tears... why am I actually talking about tea anyway?  Hmmmm, yes my latest dress.  It reminds me of tea, doilies, London.  There is something so sweet about it.  Could you pass me the sugar please?

I truly love all my designs but I must say this one has a great story to it and defintely one of the sweetest!
This design is available at and is a one-off.

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