Sunday, March 6, 2011

Justyna G - Behind the scenes!

This week I wanted to share with you my haven. Snapshots of where all my dreams, visions and of course my adorable dresses escape into reality.  Without my sanctuary and quirky, yet practical space I'm sure Justyna G would not be the same!  I must admit when I am in a far away place I call 'design' my space isn't as neat and tidy as this.  You could walk in seeing material spread all across the room, thread along the floor and me somewhere looking for a pair of scissors.  Maybe one day I will share my studio in action but for now here are are a few snap shots of my special place and where it all begins x

I have so many ideas for the cooler months ahead and will be working on them throughout this week.  That should keep me busy. Also, I will be custom making a special dress for myself, which I am so excited about. One of my beautiful friends is having a birthday... I hope to share my outfit with you!

Don't forget to enter the adorable 'Heart Dress' Giveaway on Facebook... the lucky winner will be drawn on the 28.03.11

Have a lovely week everyone xx JG


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