Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dusty Rose

I love using vintage materials, only because it really gives you that feel that no one else will ever own the same dress.  I have always loved wearing something exclusive and I guess that is how my label came about.  Sometimes I look through the many designs I have created since my label began in 2008 and wonder how I have managed to do all this.  It truly is a wonderful feeling and I have so many of you to thank you for all the amazing support along the way.

Wear it with you favourite booties or heals and you're ready to go :)
'Dusty Rose' is available now via the website.

'Dusty Rose' is such a girly but elegant dress. It is a dress with so many hidden surprises. Falling petals along the sides and an adorable hanging pearl bow in the middle not to mention the open back with triangle slits. This is definitely a one-off that cannot be repeated again as vintage lace and material has been used.

In the next week I'm going to introduce an Autumn look for Justyna G. I am still working on it but already I am busting with excitement to show you an adorable maxi skirt that I have designed. 

Also this coming Monday I will be so excited to announce the lucky facebook winner for our adorable 'Heart Dress' Giveway... I cannot believe it's come around so quickly :D

All photography by RGUM

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