Sunday, December 2, 2012


Skirt - Neon twirl skirt by Justyna G /  Top - Grey casual Tee by Cotton On  / Cuff - Silver Cross Cuff by Justyna G / Sunglasses - SXCU (Bruno Black) available at Sunglasses Shop

Ok, so in case you were wondering, Bruno isn't my dog's name, it's 'Kandy' (yes her name starts with a K).  This is us going for a walk at our local park to check out the new baby ducks that have hatched just in time for spring.  They are just too cute!

So who's Bruno you ask?  Well...actually it's the name of my new shades from Sunglasses Shop.
When I ordered these shades, they not only came in record time, but proved to be that perfect fit.  They have a quirky vintage feel that seriously compliments any casual outfit and I totally love the two tone colour on them. When worn they also have a magical way of making everything appear a little brighter and the sky a little bluer, easily giving you a much more pleasant day.
Here I am wearing my new shades with the  Neon Twirl Skirt and a slouchy old tee I found in the back of my wardrobe. This skirt rocks and could easily be worn with any top and heels for a night out. The cross cuff's are also a new fave of mine!
Have a great week ahead



  1. love the neon skirt! so cute!


  2. Great great post dear, you have a wonderful blog :)
    Maybe you like to follow each other?
    Love, Anna

  3. I love this look
    wanna follow each other


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