Sunday, November 25, 2012



Dress - Silhouette Dress by Justyna G /  Clutch - Lavinia's Clutch by Frenchonista / Bracelet - Chunky Gold Chain by Justyna G / Sunglasses - Burberry / Heels - Gucci

The silhouette dress is an absolute genius design giving you that glamorous hour glass figure with today's fashionistas in mind.  This perfect illusion is made with delicate, intricate lace running along the sides and back for that 'kitty-kat' amazingness!

To top of the look we have accessorised with this beyond beautiful Frenchonista Clutch in metallic green.  This gem is made from the finest quality leather and the Eiffel Tower embellishment allows for just enough of that romantic touch to your outfit.  More importantly, we love the fact that it is hand crafted and a classic style that may be worn for years to come.

All in all, this outfit oozes sexiness, mystery and enough glam to make you feel like you have walked out of a Victoria's secret catalogue don't you think?

Until next week!


  1. really pretty dress!

  2. Love the clutch !
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  3. love the dress!!


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