Sunday, August 26, 2012


Glitter Gold Ruffle Dress - Justyna G
Nude Snakeskin Heels - Alexandra Neel

Who would have thought when I designed the very first ruffle dress so many other would come along.  I have almost lost count of  them all.  Each and every one has that special something, although this particular one is a treasure in itself.  The fabric is covered in glittery, tiny speckles of gold confetti, which, when caught in the light glistens to perfection.

We waited until the afternoon sun was beginning to set from our balcony and the right time appeared to shoot this magical treasure.  The gleaming sun streamed perfectly and truly has given this newest ruffle a breathtaking elegance and a sense of fun.

Metallics are huge at the moment and we're totally obsessed with them.  I'm sure you will be seeing lots more glittery goodness hitting out store soon.

Hope you all have a amazing week.

P.S Almost forgot.  Make sure you enter our giveaway to win a ruffle dress of your choice.  All you need to do is click HERE.  Entries will close on the 31st August.  So this Friday!


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