Sunday, April 1, 2012


Big Heart Tee by Justyna G

The signature Heart Tee has grown BIG!

As adorable as all my heart tops are this one really pops.  This crop style tee shouts to the world 'I LOVE YOU!!' without saying anything at all... literally!

It's a super cute addition to a pair of jeans or your fave high waisted skirt, or even a flowy maxi.

I have been designing my heart tops since 2010.  Each one of them unique in their own sweet way... but I must say this one is by far the most special to date!

Wow... this week I have been over-whelmed with work! I'm trying to finish my new collection for a shoot we have planned on Thursday.  No sleep for me :))

Hope you have a great week... x's


  1. i really love your designs, the idea with a it. but i still believe the prises are too expensive...

  2. Thanks for liking my designs :)

    You need to understand the time that goes into making a handmade garment.
    You need to draft a pattern, cut, photograph, measure, weigh, inspect the garment, edit the photo's, market & ship. So before you make a judgement on the expense could you kindly look into each of these factors.

    My items are made in limited numbers and sometimes as one-off's as this is the beauty of my label.
    I hope this make you understand a little bit more :)

    You may check for a really great post on the procedure that is used.

    Have a great day

  3. OMG!!! I love your top!!


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