Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I actually had a dream that I made this dress. I guess dreams sometimes do come true! I got straight onto my sewing machine and made it and shot it the same day.  That is why my hair is in a messy bun :))  I'm so pleased with the result. The front of this dress is hand painted in a racing pony silhouette that  matches the flowiness of the pleated skirt.  I adore this dress... the colours work so magically together.

I will be coming out with lots of new ruffle dresses in the next few days... I just need to shoot them!  There will be lots of pretty colours to choose from, including baby pink, black and hopefully a white!  I cannot wait to show you all.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoying the holiday break... I still need to work out what I'm going to wear for my New Year's Eve party! I'm hoping to create something extraordinary xxxx

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I am soooooo excited to announce the very first 'Sweet Kiss' Heart top to appear at my online store.  I never thought the heart top could get any sweeter, until now :)))  I thought I would make the first in a happy yellow as it's one of my favourite colours. There will be other colours popping onto the online store in the next couple of weeks.  I hope you like :))))

Sweet x's

P.S I have just finished my Chrsitmas shopping.... YAY!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Ok, so if you're feeling a bit 'wall flowerish' then do not wear this dress! This Neon Ruffle shouts (no actually screams) ultra attention from the highest rooftops. It's super hot and requires nothing more than a pair of heels...oh, and maybe a bodyguard in case you get identified as a celeb! 

As you may know this Neon Ruffle is the second in my collection.  I love the fitting style of this dress and cascading ruffles that soften this dramatized look. If you don't love pink, once you wear it you will!  Barbie would love this!

I still need to do my Christmas shopping.... Ahhhhhh... hope you're all better organised than I am :))) xxxx

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Phew...These past couple of weeks have been beyond crazy for me, so my apologies for not writing for so long!  I have been whizzing away on my machine trying to keep up with orders, and hence, why I haven't come up with any new designs until now. 

Please meet the prettiest dress you could possibly lay your eyes on (and I guess I'm allowed to say that as it is one of my most precious designs to date).  If you could eat this dress you probably would... it would taste of sweet fairy floss like the one you get at a scout fate. It flows so beautifully & has that magic way of making your legs look sky-scraper high.  It plays on an innocent sexiness that I so love to portray in my designs. The ultra revealing back creates a presence of sweet seduction. One minute your a fairy princess, the next you feel like a sexy goddess.

Christmas time is approaching fast and I am a victim of leaving my shopping till the very last minute. I have a list a mile high and am dreading having to go through the rush.  This holiday break I will be re-furbishing my entire studio. I have so many plans & only hope that I get the chance to do everything.  Of course, my favourite part will be New Years Eve where I will be celebrating in ultra high style :))  I will be attending  a VIP party in the highest building in Melbourne (Eureka Towers) where I hope to start the new year in top form and see the most amazing fireworks covering the entire city of Melbourne!

Hope you all enjoy your week xxxx

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I guess this dress isn't for the faint hearted! It could definitely stop traffic even if you lived in New York. I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem in the world catching a cab in it! It's understated sexy with a girly twist all due to the fitted style and cascading ruffles. The fabric is super soft and of course the colour is just amazing. 

I am having a HUGE sale. Loads of my one-off dresses have been reduced to ridiculous amounts and I'm sure you can score yourself a bargain for the festive season coming up.There's just over 20 items on sale now. If you're interested you can visit the eBay store here

This week I have been working on something completely new.  I cannot wait to show you all.  I will have a collection of adorable new bustier tops coming out soon. You can wear these with practically anything from cut off jeans to high waist maxi skirts.  Hope you all have a great week ahead... Mwah x

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


-Christian Louboutin Silver Glitter Peep Toe Pumps-
-YSL Arty Oval Ring
-Chanel 2.55-

Brights are the hottest shades to wear this season and I'm loving pink at the moment! After creating my 3rd 'Frill for Thrill' dress I have never been so excited with the end result.  I squealed with joy when I held it up..  The double layers of pleated frill running along the shoulders and back really make this dress to die for. Best of all, the puffiness of the shimmery organza make you feel super slim :)  This is definitely my latest favourite.
It would be a perfect party dress for New Years Eve coming up.

I'm already dreaming of the next one to create... :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Golden Heart Tops and Golden Girl Skirt Available via

I have had a HUGE week this week.  As you may know, my sister go married.  She had the most beautiful wedding.  It made my entire family so proud and and I had so many tears of joy though out the entire day. Once the photo's come out I would love to show you all :) 

Since then I have been busy designing my newest range and I want to welcome my 'glitz and glam' golden heart top collection.  I love how these tops add that sparkle to your outfit and how you can dress this tee up or wear it casual.  It looks amazing with my latest addition the 'Golden Girl Skirt'.

Another very exciting addition is the new tab on my blog  and link on my website where you can now design your very own heart top any colour & style you desire. You can put an order through here or the tab on this blog. Once ordered your design will be ready for you within 3 days or sooner if you would like to use the express service! I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with once orders come through :)))

This week I will be playing around on my a new camera that i just purchased!  I was so excited when I received it but work had taken over my time.  I'm sure you will be seeing the next range taken with my brand new Canon.  Hope everyone has a great week x

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


One of my heart dresses has been featured on a blog:  'Friend in Fashion'.
You can view the post  GOT HEART to read more if you like :)

Thank you 'Friend in Fashion' for making my heart dress look so adorable x

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Tangerine Thrill for Frill Dress available here

The second 'Thrill for Frill' dress in one of my favourite colours.  I'm not surprised that my last dress sold so quickly and when the lucky girl received it she commented 'Oh my goodness, the dress is stunning! Even more stunning in person! I cannot wait to wear it, everyone will be so jealous ;)'.  It features a double layer of top quality organza and cascading double lace not to mention the golden silky lining that makes the dress feel so lovely to wear. This tangerine dream shouts romantic, fun & sexy all in one... I don't think a lot of dresses can do that in one go and I guess that's why this dress is so special.

My sister is getting married this Friday. Our whole family have been busy organising ourselves for her special day. There is excitement and nerves in the air as she is the first to get married in our family.  Also, I have just started working on a new design which has a golden sequence bodice. I'm still in the process of finishing it but already it's looking as amazing as ever.

Enjoy your week everyone and wish my sister luck on her wedding day :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


White Bow Cut-Out Top available at

Just a quick post today.  I really wanted to show you how I styled one of my newest designs; The white cut-out bow top with my favourite blazer and ripped Levi's shorts (which I found in my sisters wardrobe.... shhhh). The bow top just adds a fun element to this otherwise chic outfit. 

Look out as I will be posting my newest 'Thrill for Frill' Tangerine dress in the next few days!  I cannot wait to show it to you :))))

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