Sunday, November 6, 2011


Tangerine Thrill for Frill Dress available here

The second 'Thrill for Frill' dress in one of my favourite colours.  I'm not surprised that my last dress sold so quickly and when the lucky girl received it she commented 'Oh my goodness, the dress is stunning! Even more stunning in person! I cannot wait to wear it, everyone will be so jealous ;)'.  It features a double layer of top quality organza and cascading double lace not to mention the golden silky lining that makes the dress feel so lovely to wear. This tangerine dream shouts romantic, fun & sexy all in one... I don't think a lot of dresses can do that in one go and I guess that's why this dress is so special.

My sister is getting married this Friday. Our whole family have been busy organising ourselves for her special day. There is excitement and nerves in the air as she is the first to get married in our family.  Also, I have just started working on a new design which has a golden sequence bodice. I'm still in the process of finishing it but already it's looking as amazing as ever.

Enjoy your week everyone and wish my sister luck on her wedding day :)


  1. love ur dress!!!
    i follow you!!
    hug from BARCELONA!

  2. Ow my, thank you... so sweet of you :)))
    You're so lucky to be in Paris!

    Hugs from Australia ♥


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