Sunday, March 24, 2013



Top - Drape Heart Tank & Neon Pink Tube Crop by Justyna G  /  Shorts - Victoria's Secret  /  Arm Cuff - Saint Neon Cuff by Justyna G  /  Shoes - Converse

From the moment I adopted this skateboard from my sis it's been sitting on top of my wardrobe collecting dust.  Once I accepted the fact that I would never be a pro skater I finally whipped it out and was madly inspired to design this awesome new tank.

Just as our signature heart tee, I have found that it has been an instant hit with my very own casual ensemble.  It's draped armholes, scoop neckline and extra long relaxed fit work perfectly with shorts and chucks.  The neon pink tube crop adds that girly sweetness we so know and love at Justyna G!

Even though it's the end of March....I cannot believe we're still having so many summer days and nights here in Melbourne.  I hope our lengthened summer never ends so that I can keep on skating away on my new found set of wheels :)

Till next time...

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