Sunday, July 1, 2012



Crochet Neon Lime Neckpiece - Justyna G
Jet Black Peplum Dress - Justyna G
Pigalle 100 Fluro Chic Heels - Christian Louboutin
Neon Bangle - Forever New

I believe chic doesn't have to be all glam and black. I love breaking it up with colour, especially with neon brights, which are extremely hot this season.

The 'Neon Lime Crochet Neckpiece' is the 3rd its collection and by far one of my newest favourites!
It speaks volumes with my latest pigalle hot pink Louboutin's, don't you think?

The 'Jet black Peplum Dress' is absolute perfection. Made from a smooth double knit ponte fabric, it has that way making you feel comfy-chic, and would make a great travel piece as it doesn't crease.

As you can see we have lots of new goodies in store.
I have a HUGE surprise to come soon! You will die... seriously :)

Much love


  1. Gorgeous girl and amazing photos!

  2. love the look!
    Pigalle Passions
    The biggest Louboutin pigalle fansite in the world!

  3. God !! U are really beautiful ! I really love this outfit especially the green necklace ! Love the 'yellow-nails-detail' too !

    Great blog, love ur style ! I'm following u now and I really hope u'll follow be back :D



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