Sunday, October 23, 2011


'Thrill for the Frill' Dress available here

When I designed this dress I kept on running in and out of my studio like a crazy girl for days just to take a peek at it hanging in it's glory.  I was so excited, and still, when I look at it it takes my breath away.  I think it's the prettiest dress I have ever made to date!  Made from layers of shimmery organza with a wavy hem and an open back to die for. I love the softness of it when worn and the double layer of lace that runs from the front all the way to the back. I'm sure the lucky girl who buys this will be so proud to have this one-off hanging in her closet.... that's if it hangs there at all.  You would have to make any excuse to wear it lol. 

This week has been ever so hectic for me and I know I promised to have the surprise cut out tops out for you to show... but you have to understand that this dress had to come first as I was just too excited to show you all this amazing dress!

Hope you all have a fantastic week... x's


  1. why shouldnt you not be excited! check out this baby! wowzas!!!

  2. Thanks so much Alicia... honestly is was sad to see it go so quickly. I'm sure the girl who will wear it will be just as excited!



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