Sunday, July 3, 2011


Ever wondered how much fun those Scottish men in their kilts have?  Well we certainly put their tradition to that test.  This amazing dress shouts FUN!  It has a full circle skirt that makes you want to twirl to your hearts content. We have even worn a tulle underskirt to give it that ultimate oomph.  Finished of with a fabric flower at the front.  Who needs extra accessories with this one-off perfection I say. 

The adorable white tulle underskirt is a perfect accessory to add to any dress or skirt.... It adds that amazing volume changing you garment to WOW! And is only $45.  Simply a steal!

Below you will also find the tartan peter pan top, which we have called the 'Peter loves Tartan' Blouse.  I told you we have gone silly over tartan!!! Wear it with the unbalanced sailor skirt pictured below to complete the look.

All these amazing designs by Justyna G are availabe here.
 All photography by RGUM

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