Sunday, April 10, 2011

This Week's Newest Pleasures

 What a sweet week it has been... I am over joyed to welcome so many new designs! My head has been buzzing with ideas and creativity and there is lots more to come.  Our website has also improved with a gorgeous home page display and a better laid out shop.  You may have see that our postage prices have gone up a little, this is due to a rise in Australian postage prices and this is only if you aren't living in Australia.  We still have free express postage Australia wide, so that's something to smile about.


All these adorable one-off designs are available via our website:

 Have a great week everyone..... xxxxxx

All these amazing photo's by RGUM

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  1. How sweet are those dresses! I could definitely do with a few more of them in my wardrobe!


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