Sunday, March 3, 2013



 Dress:  Neon Peplum Pop by Justyna G  /  Cuff: Saint Neon Cuff by Justyna G  /  Bag: Silver Envolope by Forever New  /  Necklace:  Angel White Crochet Neckpiece by Justyna G

If you're wanting to go for an outfit that seeks no attention at all then definitely DO NOT wear this dress! 

This perfectly neon pink dress speaks for itself and demands for a night out.  Accessorised with our newest necklace the Angel White Crochet Neckpiece and Saint Neon Cuff - Ahhh simply Stunning.

It's been hectic in our studio these past few months lovers but we have just finished shooting a new range.  Stay tuned to be wooed :)

Have a great week

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