Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I certainly was overwhelmed when Brooke (The Photographer from Brooke Orchard Photography) approached me to do a photo shoot with her. I have never been in a 1950's vintage shoot before and had no idea what to expect. After a fun filled day full of bubbles, getting my hair done, and yummy cupcakes, the outcome was remarkable... Don't you think?

This extremely talented Melbourne artist truly has an eye for vintage, as well as a beautiful outtake on children, beauty and life. I especially love looking through her before/after shots. Each and every one of her images captures a story and the true essence of that person.

You're most welcome to view more by visiting her website here, or by visiting her facebook page here. All the images will be sure to inspire you and put a smile to your face.

Lots of x's
Justyna ♥
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