Sunday, September 2, 2012




Neon Obsessed Ruffle Dress - Justyna G

As you may know we are currently obsessed with neon!  I guess that's how we came about the name of this latest ruffle dress....The 'Neon Obsessed Ruffle Dress'!

If you want to play it safe then this is NOT the dress for you!  It's a given that heads will turn and you'll be the centre of attention, so please make sure you're on you're best behaviour.  This dress certainly won't be.
But seriously... You just cannot get bolder, brighter and.... more bolder and brighter hehe!
Hope you enjoy this limited edition to our SS 2012 collection.

Enjoy your week Besties :)

P.S We are preparing for a huge shoot this week and next so we may not have a blog post next week... but we will have loads of amazing new goodies xx

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