Sunday, March 18, 2012


- Cobalt Blue Ruffle Dress by Justyna G-
- Cobalt Blue Platform Heals from Forever New-
-Metallic Envelope from Forever New -
-White Tailored Jacket by Karen Millen -

Call this colour what you like...
Electric Blue,
Royal Blue,
....I like to call it Cobalt.

When I asked what colour you would love to see the next ruffle in most of you voted Cobalt.
A few weeks later and here it is in all it's royal glory. 

What I love most about this classic colour is the way it can be combined with so many different colours. Pink, yellow, black, or even orange!  I do love the clash of it with crisp white and metallic undertones though.

As you may have noticed with my designs, I like to keep it simple and tend to focus on the back quite a lot.  I love the mystery a dress can portray, especially when it looks quite simple at the front whilst having a powerful impact when you turn.  Hence, why my pink feather necklace has been worn the opposite way around :)

Please welcome my newest favourite... the amazing Cobalt Blue Ruffle!

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