Sunday, March 25, 2012


-Pink Whisper Dress by Justyna G-

Magic happened when I designed this 'Pink Whisper' Dress.  The hot pink organza ruffles create just the right mix of drama whilst the plunging front and open back purr kitty cat sexiness in the classiest way possible.  The purrrrfect events dress!

This is the second 'whisper' dress in it's collection and I'm sure there will be others to come as I just cannot get enough of the extravagant beauty that this dress portrays.

Natrually, I have been hiding away in my studio most days this week.  I have been preparing lots of pretty ruffle dresses to be ready before the pre-order date for all of you.  I also will be introducing a new colour to the collection in the most amazing Tiffany blue.  You will be blown away by it's beauty I'm sure :)

Enjoy your week... Sweet x's

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


- Rainbow Heart Tee by Justyna G -

Rainbows are hard to come by, and when you finally see one, don't you just want to jump for joy!

This adorable Rainbow Heart Tee really does that.  What I love about it is that it works with every possible colour you end up wearing.  I guess that's just what rainbow do :)

I hope it brings a smile to your face just it has done to mine!

Hope you're having a great week... xx

Sunday, March 18, 2012


- Cobalt Blue Ruffle Dress by Justyna G-
- Cobalt Blue Platform Heals from Forever New-
-Metallic Envelope from Forever New -
-White Tailored Jacket by Karen Millen -

Call this colour what you like...
Electric Blue,
Royal Blue,
....I like to call it Cobalt.

When I asked what colour you would love to see the next ruffle in most of you voted Cobalt.
A few weeks later and here it is in all it's royal glory. 

What I love most about this classic colour is the way it can be combined with so many different colours. Pink, yellow, black, or even orange!  I do love the clash of it with crisp white and metallic undertones though.

As you may have noticed with my designs, I like to keep it simple and tend to focus on the back quite a lot.  I love the mystery a dress can portray, especially when it looks quite simple at the front whilst having a powerful impact when you turn.  Hence, why my pink feather necklace has been worn the opposite way around :)

Please welcome my newest favourite... the amazing Cobalt Blue Ruffle!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


This white perfection is yet another ruffle to add to the collection.  It oozes confidence and that desirable sexiness that only white can portray.  I love how white can be accessorised with any colour and simply works. Just like an LBD this Little White Dress (LWD) should be found in anyone's wardrobe.

I have accessorised my LWD with my bright Alma, super high wedges and gold accessories. 
Très chic... I so wish I was in Paris right now.

So... This week I will be preparing for a photo shoot as a new range will be coming out soon.  You will find a cobalt blue ruffle in the collection and a few other suprises!

Enjoy the week ahead... ♥

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