Thursday, January 26, 2012


Remember the time that you sat down by the pool after a sweltering day of enjoying the summer heat whilst  dipping your footsies by the water's edge (and not swimming for the fear of getting your hair wet of course lol) ......THEN the waiter handed you a crushed ice fruit cocktail full of strawberries, kiwi's and lime? 


THIS is the feeling you get when you wear this dress!

I absolutely love this colour.  I love it's fresh appeal and vibrancy. Furthermore, the versatile way it can be worn during the day for a hot lunch date or paired up with some bright heels for the night.

This extraordinary colour boosts and will definitely kick start any dull wardrobe!
Like all my designs, there is only very limited stock available so that you can be sure you will be the only girl in a dress like it.

This week I have had such a successful photo shoot and cannot wait to reveal all the other amazing designs that I have created.  I'm almost bursting with excitement :)

I will have other ruffle dresses in stock as well as some new heart tee's!

Hope your week is going well...

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