Sunday, January 29, 2012


When we ventured out to town to shoot this hot neon necklace we never thought that we could attract so much attention! I almost wanted to run onto oncoming traffic, (which is highly unlike me).  The only problem with this was there was no traffic to run into as everyone practically stopped on the road and was driving ever so slow.

As daring as this piece  is... I guess it's super safe at the same time (haha)!) Not only does it help when crossing the road but wear it with any LBD and watch your outfit come to life.

I am pretty excited to come out with this piece.  Not only is this the very first accessory that you can actually purchase from the online store but also it happens to be a limited show-stopper and only a handful have been made. I'm  still sticking to my philosophy that we all want to own something that no other girl has!

Move over grandma... We're giving crochet a new name!

And before you ask... YES, this daring strappless bust ruffle dress can be picked up from the site also and is a one-off design :)

Hope you all had an amazing weekend... x's

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