Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dusty Rose

I love using vintage materials, only because it really gives you that feel that no one else will ever own the same dress.  I have always loved wearing something exclusive and I guess that is how my label came about.  Sometimes I look through the many designs I have created since my label began in 2008 and wonder how I have managed to do all this.  It truly is a wonderful feeling and I have so many of you to thank you for all the amazing support along the way.

Wear it with you favourite booties or heals and you're ready to go :)
'Dusty Rose' is available now via the website.

'Dusty Rose' is such a girly but elegant dress. It is a dress with so many hidden surprises. Falling petals along the sides and an adorable hanging pearl bow in the middle not to mention the open back with triangle slits. This is definitely a one-off that cannot be repeated again as vintage lace and material has been used.

In the next week I'm going to introduce an Autumn look for Justyna G. I am still working on it but already I am busting with excitement to show you an adorable maxi skirt that I have designed. 

Also this coming Monday I will be so excited to announce the lucky facebook winner for our adorable 'Heart Dress' Giveway... I cannot believe it's come around so quickly :D

All photography by RGUM

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I want to welcome yet another one of my adorable designs.  This one reminds me of a mermaid. The aqua crushed velvet and floral splash fabric is so pretty and vibrant. I'm loving the ruffle fan bust and the criss cross back.... It's such a fun dress!

This week I have been inspired by so many runway looks.  I am loving the maxi skirt at the moment so you will be seeing some coming up soon. 

The mermaid dress is available via the website and as usual is a one-off design
xx JG

All photography by RGUM

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pink Swan

This must be one of my most breath taking designs to date. The fabric is a unique shimmery pink pearl... something I have never seen before. Once I laid my eyes on this I bought meters and meters of it and had this amazing vision that you can see here. I absolutely adore the ruffled fan bust line and the surprise criss cross back.  This dress was worth the many hours labour and I am so proud! As you may have realised I have a name for all my dresses and this one reminds me of a pink swan. It makes you feel so feminine, yet girly, at the same time.


This adorable addition to my new collection is available now via the website or via here.

All photography by RGUM

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Comfy Sunday

There's nothing better than lounging around with your favourite tee on a Sunday.  This weekend for me has just been that.  Not only has the weather been great here in Melbourne but also I have had my sister visit where we ate pizza and vegged out by the T.V flicking through old movies.

My cosy tee is available now at
Wear it with your favourite pair of jeans or dress it up with a high waist skirt or even wear it to bed!

It has been made with super soft cotton, lots of love and of course a touch of heart... xx JG

All photo's by RGUM
See more via Flicker

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Heart at Sea

I truly enjoy the beach, although this year I haven't been enough.  Even though I live so close to one summer has passed so quickly for me this year. I guess my designs are so precious to me that I tend to forget where I live and how lucky I am to be so close to one.

Ahoy... A brand new heart dress has docked at sea! This super cute design will have your heart racing with it's peach heart and navy striped colours. With it's soft flowy fabric it will definitely brighten up your day. 

I'm pleased to welcome my newest heart cut-out design 'Nautical Heart' which is available at  xx

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Justyna G - Behind the scenes!

This week I wanted to share with you my haven. Snapshots of where all my dreams, visions and of course my adorable dresses escape into reality.  Without my sanctuary and quirky, yet practical space I'm sure Justyna G would not be the same!  I must admit when I am in a far away place I call 'design' my space isn't as neat and tidy as this.  You could walk in seeing material spread all across the room, thread along the floor and me somewhere looking for a pair of scissors.  Maybe one day I will share my studio in action but for now here are are a few snap shots of my special place and where it all begins x

I have so many ideas for the cooler months ahead and will be working on them throughout this week.  That should keep me busy. Also, I will be custom making a special dress for myself, which I am so excited about. One of my beautiful friends is having a birthday... I hope to share my outfit with you!

Don't forget to enter the adorable 'Heart Dress' Giveaway on Facebook... the lucky winner will be drawn on the 28.03.11

Have a lovely week everyone xx JG

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Princess Doily

I must admit I do love my tea.  Recently I came about a tea that I used to absolutely die for and stock up on when I travelled down to London.  It's called Tick Tock tea. I found some sitting on top of a shelf in Coles and couldn't control my excitement! I told my sister about it. She is now more obsessed with it then I am. Sad ending to this story actually... I has been discontinued at Coles :(  But enough tears... why am I actually talking about tea anyway?  Hmmmm, yes my latest dress.  It reminds me of tea, doilies, London.  There is something so sweet about it.  Could you pass me the sugar please?

I truly love all my designs but I must say this one has a great story to it and defintely one of the sweetest!
This design is available at and is a one-off.

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